Chest to Bed: Media Console, Solid Wood, Black, Available in Twin or Queen


Chest to Bed: Media Console, Black

Take Your Guest Room Back!
Solid Wood, raised panels, and hand-made in the U.S.A, Riverview, FL.
***Currently serving and shipping to the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area only.***

Our Media Consoles are hand-made with the intention of providing you with an attractive solid wood piece of furniture to serve your every day needs that also houses a hidden guest bed when you need it.

They are the perfect solution for small spaces where your furniture needs to serve multiple purposes or for those who want to maximize their living space by not having to dedicate an entire room to a large, bulky guest bed. 


•Solid wood construction

•Organizational/display shelving.

•Use as a media console or as a sideboard.


15"deep (front to back) when closed

Twin 42" wide x 34" tall x 90" deep with bed open

Queen 63 ”wide x 34" tall x 95"deep with bed open

How does it work?

Lift the door, opening the bottom compartment. 

Secure the open door with the latches to the left and right of the open panel. 

Then roll out the mattress which is secured to the cabinet with a durable tear free fabric.  The fabric prevents your bed from sliding out from under you and also helps to protect the bottom of the bed from debris. 

Open the cord compartment housed with the pump at the foot of the bed and plug in the cord. Inflate mattress to the desired firmness without overfilling the bed.  Stow the cord back in the compartment. 

Stowing the bed is just as easy.  Plug the pump back in.  You can use the deflate setting to empty the air out of the bed or open the separate air release valve too for a faster deflate time.

Once the air is out of the bed, fold in the sides a few inches if needed, then roll & stow. 

Release the latches to the door & then close the door.  So simple and convenient.   

The Mattress

Each bed comes with an Intex Supreme Airflow mattress. 

The Intex Supreme airflow mattress is designed for the ultimate sleeping experience and is manufactured with durable Fiber-Tech™ Construction.  The standard interior construction has been enhanced with lightweight, high-strength fibers for amazing durability and comfort.

The innovative air pockets on the top and sides of the bed cause the air to flow smoothly and gradually across the sleeping surface for added comfort and stability.

The ultra-plush Velvetaire™ flocked top layer is soft to the touch and the extra thick surface offers additional puncture-resistant support.

Inflation and deflation is made easy with a powerful built-in pump for your convenience.

Standard twin size and queen size sheets tuck-in easily and securely at the corners.

The mattress inflates to 20" high. 

Weight capacity:  Twin size  300 lbs / 136 kg. Queen size  600 lbs / 272 kg.

*Takes approximately 5 minutes to inflate a queen size a bed and less time for the twin bed.

*Pictured in Queen size.