Chest to Bed by Wooden Dreams Studio, Florida

Chest to Bed by Wooden Dreams Studio, Florida

We are currently offering one type of mattress at this time.  We have offered several mattersses in the past and the Intex Supreme mattress is the mattress of choice by our customers


  • All of our pieces in the Chest-to-Bed line easily convert from everyday fully functional furniture into a comfortable spare bed for your guests in 5 minutes or less.
  • 100 % Solid Wood &hand-made in the U.S.A, Riverview, FL.
  • Saves space in your home by using a small footprint.   
  • You don't have to dedicate an entire room to your guests anymore.  You can now have an office, workout room, or playroom and a guest room. All in one space.   
  • You don't have to send your guests to a hotel, unless you want to.  Your extra bed is secreted away in the bottom compartment of each unit.   ‚Äč
  • Our Chest-to-Bed is perfect for any size home.  
  • We use the Intex Supreme Air Beds.  You can read thousands of Amazon reviews that boast a 4-5 star satisfactory rating for this product. 
  • We have several types of chest to beds available to meet your needs.
  • Entertainment centers, desks, credenzas, and benches. 


The Intex supreme airflow with fiber-tech construction is designed for the ultimate sleeping experience. Designed with Fiber-Tech Construction, the standard interior construction has been enhanced with lightweight, high-strength fibers for amazing durability and comfort! The innovative air pockets on the top and sides of the bed cause air to flow smoothly and gradually across the sleeping surface for added comfort and stability. Ultra-plush velvetaire flocked top layer is soft to the touch and the extra thick surface offers additional puncture-resistant support. Standard queen sheets tuck easily and securely. Inflation and deflation is made easy with a powerful built-in pump for your convenience.

Most Popular Sizes:

- Dimensions: Twin 39 x 20 x 75 inches (W x H x L)
- Dimensions: Queen 60" x 80" x 20" inches (W x H x L)

- The manufacturer gaurantees a bed height of 20".  We have found that most beds we have installed actually result in a height of apprxox 22 inches. 
- Regarding Inflation: When you first inflate your airbed, the material will stretch which is sometimes misinterpreted as leaking. You will sense a loss of pressure, that's just the bed stretching. Simply re-inflate the bed again. Do so as needed until the bed fully settles, usually in 2-3 nights             

- Weight capacity?    Jr. Twin, Twin size = 300 lbs / 136 kg. Full, Queen, King = 600 lbs / 272 kg.